Confronting Tataka, Subahu and Marich

On their mission of killing the demons, the first ones to fight were demoness Tataka and her two sons – Marich and Subahu. In Tulasi Ramayana, Tulsidasji says that Tataka means Turasha – False expectations born out of false imagination. Marich and Subahu means Dosha and Dukha. Wherever there are false expectations, sorrow and negativity are bound to come. Due to worldly attachments, we all have false expectations like –

1      Money can buy happiness (In reality, money definitely buys sorrow, insecurity, creates enemies, etc)

2      Our children will take care of us in our old age

3      Everything that we love will be permanent and will never change.

For instance, a foreigner may feel irritated on the corruption in India. But the Indians are not that irritated because they know the situation and don’t expect that things will be different. They accept the situation as it is.

Lord Rama killed Tataka and Subahu but did not kill Marich. Instead, the Lord hit him with an arrow after removing its head and hit him so hard that he was thrown 800 miles away. The place of fight took place in Patna and Marich fell in Mumbai. Call it coincidence, Mumbai has been a deluding city, the financial capital of the country and people migrate to this city with an intention of making money. The reason why ‘negativity’ (Marich) was not killed and only kept aside is because, the Lord wanted to show us that our negative feelings need not be removed totally. It has to be just kept aside and later converted to positive ones when we have a great ideal in life. For example, our stubbornness when given the right direction becomes our determination. Stubbornness is the result of a Desire and Determination is the result of Principles.

Moral: Every time some false expectations rise in us, we should kill it then and there itself or else it will lead to our own sorrow and our own fall.


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