Democracy in Ramayana

We may think that Democracy is something that came in the recent past. But we can see Democracy in Ramayana as well.

When Sri Ramji was going to be crowned as the King, Dasharatha did not choose him our of sheer love. He consulted his people and asked their opinion. And everyone wanted Sri Ramji to be the king.

Democracy is not ‘Selecting the candidate who gets the majority’. It is – Selecting the right & eligible candidate out of the well trained candidates. Bharata, Laxmana & Shatrughna all were well trained. Amongst the well trained brothers, Sri Ramji was selected.

Let us learn Democracy from Ramayana.


5 thoughts on “Democracy in Ramayana

  1. Hariharanji…neither you nor I was present at the time of Ramayana. So, there’s no point both of us can prove our point.
    On top of that, we have different versions in Ramayana written by different people – Valmiki Ramayan, Tulsi Ramayan, Adhyatma Ramayan, etc.
    I believe in taking up valuable points in everything and accepting that is possible and leaving behind anything if it’s not acceptable…since there is no point in arguing as I said earlier.

  2. Rajnish Kumar Singh

    Really I am agree with Vinay Nair Jee. The trend which is in the favor of society we can pick those things and rest leave behin.

  3. No comments should be made with little knowledge of literature .We were not present when Vedas were complied or Upanishads were written but whole of the scholars of the world Eastern and Western study and recognize their utility.Ramayana is also based on Vedas as said by Valmikiji

    1. Would be great if you can elaborate on the point ‘no comments should be made with little knowledge…’
      Is it in reference to the points posted in this article or is it something else? I feel there is a sense of ambiguity in your comment.

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