Maharishi Vishwamitra comes to meet Dasharatha

King Dasharatha was living happily until one day when Maharishi Vishwamitra came to meet him. On seeing the sage, the king welcomed him happily, for the king knew that it was the blessings of such sages and saints that he got such four wonderful children. Again the king made an open ended promise. He asked the sage, “Oh great sage, what can I do for you? Ask me anything what you wish and the same shall be granted.”
The sage replied, “I need Ram. I need him to kill all the demons that are attacking the rishis of the neighbourhood by not allowing them to do their austerities.”
When the king heard this, his tone changed. He said, “Oh sage, I think you are talking without thinking. How can I give you my son? I cannot live without him. Ask me anything else”.
Vishwamitra replied, “Have you forgotten how you got such sons? Wasn’t it the grace of great rishis or else you would have still been unhappy without having an heir to your throne? It is for those rishis that I ask your son for.”

Sage Vasishtha makes the king understand that Vishwamitra was such a great sage that he had the power of creating and destroying heavens, let alone killing these puny demons. Then why do you think he is asking for Ram? It is because, it the duty of the YOUTH to deal with today’s problems. There might be old and efficient ones, but if the youth don’t act today, there will be no learned ones tomorrow.

Here also we can see that such an able and great person like Dasharatha can take a wrong decision out of his delusion and attachment for his son. Due to this, he forgets that his son is not only for him, but for the whole world. He has got greater responsibilities to the world. The great poet and philosopher Khalil Gibran has written in his poem The Prophet, “Your children are not your children. They may have come through you but they are not yours. They are God’s children.”

There is no use of keeping our house very clean and thinking that we will be always OK even if the neighbourhood is not clean. The germs that have made our neighbourhood impure will one day make our house also impure. In the same way, we should not confine our duties towards our family, but also realize that we have a duty towards the society, the town, the country and the whole world.

This message is a very important message for parents that are shown through Dasharatha.


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