Was killing Tataka Dharma?

In Hindu culture, women are given great respect. In that case, a question may arise if killing Tataka was Dharma or not?

A woman who does not show feminity is not a woman. Stri is the mother. She is the embodiment of gentleness, love, affection, peace, compassion, etc. A woman who does not show these characters is not a woman. Tataka and Shurpanaka had a feminine form, but with character they were not women. Hence killing them was not Adharma.

Today, we see the modern woman asking this question, “Is woman equal to man?” The answer is NO. Woman is far more superior to Man. They can do all those things that man can do and much more. Nature has built them that way. So, if one tries to equal woman and man, it is like degrading the woman.

Swamiji says that we should learn womanhood from the lioness. In a herd of lions, there is one male lion and many lionesses and cubs. The male does not hunt. It is the female who hunts the food, take care of the cubs and bring food for the family. But still, it does not disrespect the lion. Why? Because, it is the lion who protects the herd from the outsiders. Without the lion, any lion from a different herd can come and attack them. The lion and the lionesses live in harmony with this mutual understanding of their own strengths and lives happily without complaining. Let us learn this virtue of womanhood from the lioness.


5 thoughts on “Was killing Tataka Dharma?

    1. The title for the article was the question…and I assume you would have got a satisfactory answer after you went through the article (which was the answer to the question).

  1. moreover, everywhere in our Upanishads, asking questions has always been encouraged. Only then will intellectual understanding take place. Or else it will be just some blind faith that is followed.

  2. I am not objecting to questioning. I am objecting t5o questioning without reading. Rama hesitates to kill Tataka. Vishwamitra insists. Rama says as I have to follow my father,s instructions and my guru’s instructions I shall kill her. These are the situations in Rama and especially Daharama in Sankat (quandry) You are of course free to say that valmiki is wrong with understanding of Jurisprudence of those time or of the present time. Then again you have to come with proper quoting from Jusripridence. Simply says killing women is wron is not or refusing to understand the situation.

  3. Hariharanji…I never mentioned Valmiki was wrong anywhere at all. Who am I to comment on a great soul like him?

    neither you nor I was present at the time of Ramayana. So, there’s no point both of us can prove our point.
    On top of that, we have different versions in Ramayana written by different people – Valmiki Ramayan, Tulsi Ramayan, Adhyatma Ramayan, etc.
    I believe in taking up valuable points in everything and accepting that is possible and leaving behind anything if it’s not acceptable…since there is no point in arguing as I said earlier

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