Learning is Discovering

Maths is one of the oldest subjects that we have today. Oldest because, even the caveman used it. But who taught him? When birds fly, they calculate speed, time & distance. A cheetah, while chasing its prey, runs in such a way that it covers the minimum distance to catch. Who taught them Maths? The only possible answer is – they discovered it on their own. Every living organism has a Maths program in it. They use it knowingly or unknowingly as per their requirements. In the subject of Vedic Maths, we see how Maths can be discovered from our ‘within’.

Vedic Maths is about observation. All we need to do to learn a particular technique in Vedic Maths is – To keep looking at it. After some time, we see a pattern that keeps repeating.


a) 35 b) 42 c) 77 d) 84
x 35 x 48 X 73 x 86

Do you see any pattern repeating in the questions?

Ans a) 1225         Ans b) 2016         Ans c) 5621         Ans d) 7224

Now keep looking at the first two digits & last two digits of every answer, you will see a pattern.

Scientists say, left side of our brain receives data & information, analyses it and gives the result. The right side of the brain observes patterns, designs, etc. Creativity & Intuition can be developed only if the right side of our brain is used more. When any subject is ‘taught’, only the left brain is developed. But when it is ‘discovered’, our brain develops. As a result, we just don’t become good at Maths but also improve on other Creative areas.

With repeated observation of patters in calculations, our brain automatically starts performing them without us even realizing of such an event happening inside our brain. It’s like how we see in cricket. When the bowler releases the ball, how much time does the batsman get to decide how to hit it? Just a fraction of a second. And within that time he calculates the speed, spin / swing of the ball, his footwork, gap between fielders, force and angle at which he should hit the ball, and much more. Such is the capacity of our brain.

We can make our brains sharp by learning this wonderful subject – Vedic Maths; where Learning is Discovering!


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