My Mind says, “I’m Innocent”

My Mind says, “I’m Innocent”

In 1931, New York witnessed the capture of one of the most dangerous gangster – Two Gun Crowley – as he was called. In his last fight with the cops, he was hit by many bullets and he thought he would die. So he wrote a note which read, “Under my coat is a weary heart, but a kind one – one that would do nobody any harm.” But he didnt die. He was sentenced to death. And this is what he said in the court, “This is what I get for defending myself?”

When we hear this, we might think that he was crazy. Being a very dangerous gangster, how can he claim to be innocent? But the truth is, we all think in the same way.

Whenever we do something and get a negative result, we blame the circumstances or others who made our lives miserable. What really happens is, our Mind always tries to console us by saying, “Its not your fault. The circumstances were like that. What can you do about it?” And it develops self-pity towards ourselves. May be our family and friends tell us that it was a wrong act or wrong decision that you took, but still we will reply, “I had no choice.” It is not just the case of Two Gun Crowley, but the case of every human being. The Mind will always justify even our greatest mistake, and what happens is…we keep on leading the wrong path without realising our mistake and correcting our course of thinking.

One may say that being human, we can’t help, but think like that. However, it is not that case, is what Hindu scriptures teach us. At any given situation, four personalities in us gives four different opinions about the same thing. And this is how, we face an internal confusion.

e.g.A sweet is presented to a seeker of Truth. His Body will think of grabbing it fast. His Mind will tempt him about the sweetness. His Intellect will tell him that he is diabetic. His Atman or the Soul will say that this is temporary and that this is just a hinderance in his spiritual study that he is doing at the moment, hence ignore it.
These clashes of the Body, Mind, Intellect & Soul is the reason for our Sorrow.

So, how can we overcome this situation? Satsang (company of the good), Study of the scriptures, Following the spiritual path….all these help to align our four different thoughts into one. And that One thought will be what the Atman really needs.

The trick played by the Mind is that, whenever it sends out any opinion or thought, it makes us feel that this is what WE actually need. But the reality is, this is what the MIND needs to satisfy its sense organs.

The wise say…Go beyond the Mind, there is Intellect. Go beyond the Intellect, there is Atman – the Supreme Conscience.


6 thoughts on “My Mind says, “I’m Innocent”

  1. Nice blog….
    While I was reading it one doubt arouse in my mind.
    w.r.t the example of the sweet which you have lucidly stated to portrait the temptation in the mind.
    It happens many a times with me, with regards to food, back here in South Korea as food is a major problem for vegetarians and also maybe because I don’t like sweets 🙂

    My mind tells me,”You are going to faint if you don’t eat this dish (vegetarian though)” while my intellect tells me that you have had sufficient to survive.”

    Also in a video lecture Gurudev adverts a miser to a person who will only smell the food and not but it even if he is hungry and will drink cold water from the local tap.
    What is he referring to here? Isn’t it a bit contrasting to the example stated above. I am sure he implies something deeper then what I have understood.

    (** Incase you happen to see the full video please let me know, I have one more query related to that)

  2. In the case of the sweet here, if one is not eating it after a decision born out of his Viveka (discrimination), then it is good. If he’s not eating because he’s a miser, then…

    Hope you got the point.
    Whats the other thing you wanted to ask about the video?

    1. yes …. i got the point.
      In the video he says Keep your “Goal” high. So high that you cannot reach it.
      A very practical solution indeed.
      But my question is how do you know whether the Goal is high enough or not especially in professional field.
      I mean take for example
      You are applying to universities for pursuing your higher studies. So you can aim for the best say an MIT or Harvard.
      But again isn’t there a chance that you might limit yourself only to that.

      But you know what while I am typing this one more interpretation is coming to my mind.
      ‘It may be that Goals should evolve rather than being dormant. short term ones by long term ones I mean.’

  3. you asked the question and you yourself got the answer. i guess its the result of writing your question down. Making your thinking VISIBLE on a paper enables very good contemplation.

  4. You are right. Not only that you will find that our mind does not allow us to do anything which is not acceptable by it. I have done a test on many. ” tell me one mistake that you have done in your life?” the brain will go into hang and nothing will come out as answer. Try it on others. You may like to read my meme machine regarding this.
    M G Hariharan

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