Hasten Slowly | Bhaja Govindam 24th stanza

(Understandings from Swami Mitrananda’s talk to Yuva Veers of Youth Empowerment Program 6th batch)

Tvayi mayi chanyatraiko vishnuh, vyartham kupyasi mayyasahishnu
Bhava samachittah sarvatra tvam, vanchhasyachiradyadivishnutvam || 24 ||

Meaning: In you, in me, there is one All-Pervading Reality called Vishnu. There’s no point in getting angry / frustrated. If you want to attain that state of Vishnu, at every place the mind must be balanced.

Whichever Vedantic text we take, ultimately the whole concept comes back to a few topics like – Brahman (The Ultimate Truth), Who am I, Maya, importance of Satsang, etc. Even in the earlier verses we saw in most of the places, the emphasis is on these topics only. After some time, there is a chance that the student may get irritated and frustrated because he is hearing the same thing again and again, in different ways though, but yet unable to experience it.

There’s an anecdote of a young priest who was invited in a town to give a sermon. The organisors and the people of the town were very happy that someone is coming to their town to give a discourse after a long time. First Sunday, the hall was full. The priest gave an impressive talk and everyone was happy. The organisors were also in high spirits. Second Sunday, the hall could not accommodate the crowd and there were people outside the hall too. The priest gave the same talk that he gave the earlier week. Everyone was surprised why he is giving the same talk. The organisors thought he might have forgotten that he had spoken about the same topic earlier. So, after the talk, they told him that he spoke on the same verses. He said, “Oh! Did I?” Third Sunday, the crowd was lesser. Again he started off with the same verse and explanation. In ten minutes, half of the people who were sitting left the hall. The organisors went mad. They went again and told him again, “Sir, what are you doing???” Fourth Sunday, the hall was empty. There were people outside the hall seeing if he is going to speak on the same topic. The priest talks about the same topic once again.

The story might look funny. But his idea was simple, unless this verse is understood well, there’s no point going ahead.

The first line of the verse conveys the same idea. In the second line, it’s said that attaining a balanced mind at all times is the only thing required to Realise the Truth. Pre-requisite to experience Divine is a Balanced Mind. It is reminded to us again and again so that whenever we slip, we can fall back on these verses and regain our poise. Many a time, we don’t lose our patience until we face adverse situations. How to train our mind not to lose the equilibrium is the question.

When we study these verses, they act as a trigger in our mind. It’s not that once we by-heart the meaning and are able to chant fluently, this knowledge goes deep into us. No. But when we read these verses and contemplate over it again and again, and if we lose our balance, then we can reclaim our equipoise faster than before. Our mind will start telling us, “Hey, this is not the way you want yourself to be. You have failed once again. Common, regain your stability.” And we regain our peace of mind. Slowly and steadily the time required to recover the lost patience gets reduced. This really boosts our confidence and our self-image gets improved. We no longer tell others things like ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I’m very impatient, but that’s a habit I cannot change’, etc. We realize that we have started practicing and hence are on a path that will definitely lead us to this state of Balanced Mind, provided we keep reminding ourselves by continuously going through such studies and maintaining Satsang.

Creating a balanced mind is not difficult. It can be cultivated. It’s like Toyota’s tag line – Continuous never-ending improvement!


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