So What? Who cares?

It’s the festival of Diwali once again. People have started celebrating with smoky & loud fireworks. Everybody seems to be happy except for a few people who keep cribbing always that fireworks cause air and noise pollution and that it should be avoided. These people have no sense of enjoying such an awesome festival. How can we enjoy the festival if the fireworks are taken away?

So what…
• If it causes so much sound that all animals and birds have to live in fear for a whole week? It’s OUR planet. We decide the rules.
• If it can cause permanent health problems to infants? We can live life thinking about the wellbeing of everyone else.
• If old & the diseased have to suffer due to the air & noise pollution? Why should we stop enjoying our lives just for the sake of a few people who are anyways going to die?
• If anybody’s health is affected? Just one person stopping crackers is not going to solve the problem of pollution.
• If we have to clean our own houses thrice a day due to the dust settlements caused by the air pollution?
• If our rockets crash into somebody else’s homes? They should be knowing that it’s Diwali and they should be taking the necessary precautions.
• If we have forgotten that it was the day Lord Rama killed Ravana in the battle to establish Dharma. Those are old stories, probably mythology. We have got a chance to celebrate & enjoy. Why lose the opportunity?
• If we pass on the message to our next generation that – This is the way to enjoy life. Never care about others. It’s your life. You live as you like to. Let others go to hell. It’s your hard earned money that you spend on such things and you have every right over it.
• If people can’t get sound sleep at night due to the sound of the crackers?

So what? This is not the first time Diwali is celebrated like this. It has been this way since so many years. Nobody seemed to be bothered by it earlier. Why should we be affected by it then? So what if all these things happen? Who cares about others anyways?



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