Traitors within | Bhaja Govindam 26th stanza

(Understandings from Swami Mitrananda’s talk to Yuva Veers of Youth Empowerment Program 6th batch)

Kaamam krodham lobham moham, tyaktvaatmaanam bhaavaya koham
Aatmajaana viheena moodhaah, te pachyante narakanigoodhah || 26 ||

Meaning: Drop lust, anger, greed and desire. Contemplate on your Real nature. Those who can’t see their true nature are indeed fools and they suffer miserably in hell.

In many of the earlier verses, Shankara has explained the miseries caused by lust (3rd verse), greed (2nd verse), anger & desire (9th verse). His disciple reminds us of it once again.

Lust / Desire – One may say, even though we have learnt all these things but putting them to practice is very difficult. For that, there’s a solution. We need to ask us four questions when we feel the desire for something. Let’s say, we go to a shopping mall and see a beautiful dress. We can ask ourselves the below questions.

Q1: Do I need it?

Q2: If I get it how long will I be happy with it?

Q3: What will happen if I don’t get it (is it the only source of happiness that has been snatched away from me? Or have I become blind of all the possibilities of happiness around me? Is my mind cheating me that it is so important to satisfy this desire?)

Q4: Do I have the capacity to get the desired object?

Today, our questions are in the reverse order. First comes Q4 and our mind gets the answer by reminding us of our credit card. End of the questioning session.

Anger – Talking about anger, some might say that anger is not that bad. True. Anger is not at all bad if and only if

• It is issue-based and not person-based
• It is used as a tool for showing off

Some people do not understand any other language. For them, anger might be required. In such cases, we can use it as a tool, provided we are not angry at that person from our heart. Just like a mother who shouts at her child when it does some mischief. The anger is not against the child. It’s only against the act. The mother is only using it as an effective tool and can go and hug the child the very next moment.

Greed – Greed is the result of strong desires. If we cannot get what we want, greed will make us compromise on our ideals. Greed has to tackled by reducing brooding over desires and keeping our ideals high. An effective antidote for greed is doing just the opposite act – Charity. Give, Give and Give.

The Hindu scriptures promise everything Here & Now. Heaven and Hell are not posthumous. It can be experienced right now, at this very moment. A person who has Kaamam, Krodham, Lobham & Moham, does he require something external to cause misery to himself? He’s experiencing Hell whenever he goes through these emotions.

Who’s Responsible for his grief? He himself.
What is the Cause of his misery? Ignorance.
What is the Solution? Knowledge of the Self. Realise who we are.


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