Dialogue 1 | Believer Vs Non-Believer

RV: Here’s a question for you: Why Vishnu avatars always blue in color? General perspective: they have a darker complexion. My take which is as usual ridiculous…it mixes science and philosophy  the poet (Valmiki) wanted his main character to have a lot of depth in personality and to be full of colors.
Raja Ravi Verma who gave Shri Rama his color gave him blue color for the same reason. To layman he appears blue, like sky which appears blue because of term called Rayleigh’s scattering. Much of the shorter wavelength light is absorbed by the gas molecules and this absorbed blue light is then radiated in different directions. It gets scattered all around the sky. So the painter wanted to convey that if you are calm you may find him colorless but if you are full of energy (restless/of shorter wavelength/higher frequency) which most people are; you will see him in blue. He also conveyed that he is a layman and therefore he sees him in color blue . Ridiculous I know…but it’s my take.

VR: Well thought buddy!!! I had heard that the blue colour represents depth but never thought of in terms of frequency or wavelength. Excellent point! The presentation of most of the Avataars & Shiva in blue colour is to represent the depth or infinity. Same is the case with rakshasas…they are depicted in black colour to represent their cruelty. (I remember when I was a child and used to watch uncle scrooge’s cartoons, the beagle boys’ t-shirts were always in stripes…and I used to think that people in stripes are thieves…hee hee…).

RV: Black with Rakshas is simple. Black absorbs light in this case energy and therefore considered negative!

VR: Scientific Rishi 

RV: Ok one more thing the term Rishi in ancient times meant PhD (I think) because Valmiki who was a scheduled tribe became a maharishi after his treatise became famous…consider a Pulitzer prize. I think the term Brahmin meant a PhD because in our ancient books they say to achieve brahmanhood you have to achieve enlightenment or create something…an idea or its equivalent…i.e a philosophy that’s y ancient books say that anybody can be a brahmin but not everybody can be a brahman  i.e. winning a noble prize or Pulitzer . But there is a lot of metaphysics in brahmanhood and therefore its interpretation can be subjective.

VR: I’m enjoying this…
Rishi is much more than PhD. People like J.C.Bose, Einstein, Srinivasa Ramanujan, etc can be called Rishis of modern times. They were all the Baaps among those who did PhDs.
Brahmin was a person who has a temperament towards learning the scriptures, Vaishya – one who was businessminded, kshatriya – warrior and shudra – worker class. As you rightly said, anybody could be a Brahmin.

Brahmanhood is hard to explain and conceive. Enlightenment is a word near to Brahmanhood but it’s not like creating an idea or philosophy. Brahmanhood is realising our ‘True’ nature…experiencing who we are. Today we might theoretically or intellectually accept that we are the life force or energy or soul living in this body. But that is just technical understanding and not an experience.

The Rishis, on their enquiry, found out that we are not the body. They thought, if we say “My dress, My hand, My body, My Mind, My Intellect, etc…then I AM different from my dress, hand, body, mind, intellect, etc. Then who is this I?” This ‘I’ is the subject who witnesses all experiences the body, mind and intellect goes through. Thus, if my body is weak, I AM not weak. If a person’s mind is corrupt, only his mind is corrupt. Since he is different from his mind, HE is not corrupt.
Even if a person might understand this, he has still not experienced WHO HE IS. The Self is beyond the body, mind and intellect. And today we have not gone beyond the BMI. Hence we become happy and sad depending on the experiences we gain through our BMI.
A person who has attained Brahmanhood (a Self-Realised Master) is one who has gone beyond the BMI. He is not at all affected by any problems at physical, mental or intellectual level. Reaching such a state and staying there at all times is called – Brahmanhood.
Interpretation is done through Intellect. That is why it becomes subjective. How can we gain something through Intellect when that thing is beyond Intellect? It’s like trying to measure the quantity of water in the ocean with an instrument like Teaspoon.
By the way, Valmiki was not a scheduled tribe.


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