Dialogue 2 | Believer Vs Non-Believer

RV: Einstein and all the others you mentioned were Maharishis; their contribution to society is beyond respect.

Everything you mentioned is pure metaphysics a branch of philosophy which is quite gibberish to some.

You can measure the quantity of water in an ocean with a teaspoon if you know the volume of the concave but the problem is not with the instrument; it s with the ocean. Ocean like everything else is ever changing; lots of factors affect that quantity of water in the ocean.

I would not say everything is beyond the intellect. That’s why I said that it is subjective. Understanding is quite a stepwise process e.g a child wouldn’t understand the special theory of relativity not because he isn’t intelligent but because he doesn’t know the fundamentals that is needed to grasp it. When we say that we won’t understand something that just means we haven’t trained ourselves with the necessary foundation.

Probably we aren’t trained enough!

VR: About measuring the quantity of water…was just a hypothetical one I used. Scientifically or mathematically, anything that is finite can be measured. Ocean or water in that way is finite. When we talk about God, we are talking about infinity. But to explain infinity, we may have to take some finite examples.

What you said about understanding is true. We are not trained enough. What I meant about ‘beyond intellect’ is…something like understanding and experiencing electricity. The ‘experience’ of electricity cannot be described or intellectually understood. Hence, I feel, it can be termed as ‘beyond intellect’. Realising God, they say, is an Experience and not an Understanding. Intellect can understand but cannot Experience.

RV: How do you define Experience?

VR: Experience cannot be defined. When we define something, we use words or language. Words and languages are finite. When I saw my son for the first time, it was a great experience. How much ever I try to express it in terms of words, I can’t express that ‘experience’.

RV: So according to you, when you feel something and think that it cannot be expressed in words, you would tag it as an experience.

VR: Yes. Because, a person who gets drunk cannot express the experience to those who never got drunk.

A person who gets an electric shock cannot express in words and make the other person (who has not got a shock till now) understand how he felt.

An Experience cannot be Explained. It can only be Experienced!


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