Dialogue 3 | Believer Vs Non-Believer

RV: Who created God?

VR: I’m afraid, I’m not qualified to answer that question. But still I’ll try to ‘explain’ what i think about It or Him or whatever.

A dancer, when she is involved in the act of dancing, can we separate the dancer and the dance? the dancer’s creativity is expressed in the form of a dance. when we see the dance, we are so involved in it that we may not see the dancer. the dancer did not create the dance, she just expressed herself which resulted in the dance.

When God expresses himself, there is a world we see (just like the dance). When one is able to see beyond the creation, he sees God everywhere and no creation. For him, the creation never existed. The only thing that exists, is

RV: So you mean to say his creations created him in other words man created god.

VR: No. It’s the other way round. God expressed Himself as man, nature, animals, birds, etc.

RV: If you think he created us then you must definitely think he put the thought process. so you mean he created creations who could thank him in return. That is a very creature-like behavior.
If you think he did not put the thought process, then we can definitely experience him if he exits and if we train ourselves because our thoughts are beyond his control.

VR: * The waves of the ocean appear different when we look at its form – the waves. But when we look at the ocean, the waves are nothing but the ocean manifesting as waves and then dying out.

* Layman looks at the form of the gold ornaments and gets delighted. But the wise one, a goldsmith, looks only at the Substance – the Gold. He sees value only in Gold and is not concerned about its form.

* If I’m not wrong, first science used to say that there is Energy and Matter. Later they discovered that even matter is nothing but energy itself. Hence, the whole world is nothing but Energy.
In Advaita philosophy, the same thing is said about God.
Whatever we discuss or analyse cannot describe what God is. I liked one of the quotes of Swami Tejomayananda (global head of Chinmaya Mission) – “Don’t stop thinking at any point. Sometimes you feel that you have got a clarity over something. Don’t settle there. Keep thinking.”

RV: I liked the quote 😉

VR: sounds like you liked ‘only’ the quote 😉


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