Dialogue 6 | Believer Vs Non-Believer

VR: Now, as I mentioned in the beginning, my questions to your answers are below:
A: Just the result of big bang and billions years of subsequent cooling/evolution.
Q: What was the Cause of Big Bang (As per Cause and Effect, there should be a Cause for Big Bang)?

A: God didn’t create man he evolved from apes.
Q: But who created apes? If I’m not wrong, life started from unicellular organisms and evolved over a period of time to become whatever creatures we see today. In that case, how did Life come into existence? What was the Cause for Life? Who was the father or mother of the first life form?

Your question: So is it satisfying to your intellect to believe that someone did that for you and not question its validity?
My answer: How can you say that I’m not questioning. You cannot read my mind. It is your perception that I’m not questioning.

Your question: That someone who controls your thought process
My answer: I don’t believe that someone created my thought process. My own mind created my thought process.

Your question: And that if it was created by someone in this time fabric
My answer: What is Time? Time is the duration between two specific points. When we say ‘one second’, it has a starting point and an ending point. So there was some point before Time started. Hence there is atleast one thing that is beyond time.

Your Q: He may have created similar/better ones in other dimensions of space
My answer: Yes. HE might have.

Your Q: aren’t you curious about that?
My answer: Yes, I’m. But not as much as I’m curious about the person who is asking this question and the person who is giving the answer.

Your Q: Aren’t you curious about how your life is not just decided by belivers but also non-believers who you think are also controlled by god?
My answer: I don’t believe I’m controlled by God. Everybody is controlled by their own actions.

Your Q: and not think about the fact that every good thing is dedicated to god and self-blame or blame the evil for bad effects?
My answer: This is just the view of a few. Not everyone believes that way. I cannot answer this question because I don’t believe this way.

Your question: All our rishis were philosophers; they did not finish the work, they left a lot of open ended questions.
My answer: (no offense intended my friend) Have you studied even one text written by the Rishis? If so, which one? If not, how can you claim that they left open ended questions? I feel this way about Objective Science. They have not yet explained to me – where does life go after a person dies? Why are some people born with defects? Why are some wicked people living happily? Why do good people suffer? If science is everything, it needs to answer all these questions.

Your question: When you come to a dead end you don’t stop and say – ok god put it here and maybe he wanted me to stop doing things and doesn’t want me to proceed instead you find another way to get out.
My answer: Once again, that’s your perception. May be some people think that way, but not all. Not me. I don’t believe God is doing anything good or bad for me. It’s my own actions that create my future.

Your question: If there is no world and only god, what would you say about all the dictators and rapists?
My answer: (That was a Yorker) Water by itself is pure. When it is polluted by mud, it becomes muddy water. But water by itself is pure. If we take out the mud, the water is pure. I hope you got my point.

Your question: Wait, do you mean to say that the term god is subjective and can be construed the way we want it to.
My answer: God is not subjective. He is perceived subjectively depending on people’s thinking. It’s like how people talk of Gandhi. Some support him some oppose him. Same was the case with Osama. Different people perceive them in different ways. But those people are not changing. They are not subjective. They are the same. Our perception is subjective.

By the way, I felt in your message as if I don’t support science. I just feel Science we study is Objective and does not give answers about the Subject. Spirituality covers that. Both Objective and Subjective Sciences are required. Nothing can be achieved if a person just keeps saying God God God.


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