Wheels of the chariot : Valour & Fortitude | Vibheeshana Gita

– Understandings from Swami Swaroopanandaji’s talk for Youth Empowerment Programme – 6th batch

On listening to Vibheeshana’s doubt, Lord Rama replies…

Sunahu sakha kaha krupaa nidhaana, jahi jai hoi so syandana aana

“Listen oh my dear friend”, says the storehouse of compassion (krupa nidhaana), “the chariot of real success is something different”

Look at the words Tulsidasji has used here – Krupa Nidhaana. Rama is referred to as a storehouse of compassion. Rama calls Vibheeshana as His sakha (friend). He did not look at Vibheeshana as a devotee and Himself as a Master. He was talking to Vibheeshana as a friend. Such are the qualities of great Masters. Out of their compassion for others, they come down to the common man’s level and interact with them. Tulsidasji could have said, ‘Sunahu sakha kaha shri rama’, but the reason he is using these qualities of Lord Rama so that we can contemplate on these qualities of Lord Rama while we are listening to these verses and imbibe the same in us.

Souraj dhiraj tehi rath chaaka,
Satyaseel dhruda dhwaja pataka
Bal bibek dam parahit khore
Chama krupa samata raju jore

Valour and Fortitude are the wheels of the chariot

Shri Rama goes on explaining the Ultimate Formula for Success by personifying it as a Chariot of success. Valour and Fortitude are two qualities that are like the wheels of the Chariot. Without the wheels the chariot cannot move ahead.

In Ramayana, we can see these qualities in Lord Rama at many instances.

When Rama was told by Kaikeyi to go to the forest, he happily agreed. He was not the least scared to leave the royal comforts and lead a life in the jungles for 14 long years. Not only did he show courage initially, but even after he started living a hard life in the forest, he showed fortitude by not changing his mind to go back to his kingdom.

Another incident that portrays Shri Ramji’s Valour and Fortitude is in his search for Sita. He roamed through many forests for many days in search of her. He had no idea where Ravana had taken her. However, he did not get depressed at any point and give up his search. He knew that Ravana was very strong and had a mighty army. Initially, Rama had only Lakshmana with him. Still he went ahead in search of Sita…sought friendship with Sugreeva…helped him kill Bali and achieve his throne…and with his army of monkeys, went to fought Ravana. Even on his way to Lanka, he came to a point where he had to take the monkeys across the ocean to fight Ravana. This would seem like an impossible task for anybody. But Rama’s Valour and Fortitude made even this herculean task happen with his monkey soldiers. Ravana’s army had very sophisticated weapons, whereas Rama’s army of monkeys had only stones & trees as weapons. To any ordinary mortal, this would appear like a one-sided battle and it would be suicidal & foolish to go ahead. Yet Rama went ahead with the battle, for, he was very clear of his goal, His Dharma and being possessed by the qualities of Valour and Fortitude, nothing could stop him.

Men of success, even in the material front, can be seen having this quality of Valour. To start anything new, one needs to have courage to fight against all odds. We can see in the life of successful businessmen, freedom fighters, celebrities, etc that they knew they would have to face a lot of struggle and resistance when they would start their move to achieve their goal. Still they were ready for it. They did not have the least of worries nor had a doubt whether they could attain their aim or not. Valour was the first wheel of their chariot of success.
A quality that is rarer than courage is fortitude. It is the strength to withstand all the opposition faced until the objective is achieved. Some people have courage and start new ventures. But very soon, they give up when they face many odds. Their dreams and hopes get shattered when they are faced by hurdles. One needs to have patience and stamina to walk the path they have chosen to achieve their goal. Many people participate in a marathon race, but the winner is always the one who has the best stamina.

A chariot cannot move forward on one wheel. Success cannot be achieved with Courage alone. It has to be coupled with Fortitude.


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