The Shield of Dispassion | Vibheeshana Gita

– Understandings from Swami Swaroopanandaji’s talk for Youth Empowerment Programme – 6th batch

Ees bhajanu saarathi sujaana
Birati charm santosh kripaana
Daan parasu budhi sakti prachanda
Bar bigyaana kathina kodanda

(Vairagya) Dispassion is the shield

We can easily see our enemies outside. But it’s difficult to notice the ones inside. As we grow, we learn to shield the enemies outside but fail in tackling the enemies inside. And the first and foremost enemy inside us is Lust or Passion. Lust is generally considered as a desire for the opposite sex. Well, that desire is only one of the kinds of lust. Lust or Passion is a strong desire to obsess something. It can be for food, clothes, T.V. programme or any particular habit. The thirst becomes so strong that to satisfy the desire, a person will be ready to compromise on anything. He will compromise on his faculty of discrimination just to gratify the craving. And how many such desires do we entertain every day?

Passionate cravings drain away our energies and we land ourselves in miseries. Many a times, once the lust is fulfilled, we regret it later. Sometimes, we don’t even realize how passion makes us a weakling and we go on indulging in it. One runs behind passions for happiness. No doubt we experience happiness while the passion is fulfilled, but it’s only momentary happiness that we are able to eke out of it. In the long run, it harms us because we have already become a victim to the passion. A sensible businessman would consider this as a bad deal because here he’s earning quick profits but he’s sure that he’s heading for a big loss. One is unable to realize the problem with lust when he lacks farsightedness. He gets stuck up with momentary joys and mistakes that it will give him happiness forever.

The word ‘passion’ is often mistaken for ambition. Ambition is expressing our capabilities and potentialities. Desire is something which we may not even require in our life. Not being passionate does not mean one should not have any goal in life. Of course one should have an ideal in his life and work towards achieving it. However, it is not necessary that desires be entertained and fulfilled in the process.

But how can we escape desires? They come so unwarned. And we all are not Self-Realised Masters to break away from all such perils. Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda used to say just two words to escape desires – GROW UP! That’s the only way to get away from desires. As a child, we all must have cried for toys, balloons, etc. But as we grow up, we easily give up those desires as they no longer attract us. Passion for things will continue to haunt us as long as we are not ready to grow up. Nature takes care of our physical growth, but we need to take care of our spiritual growth. Some think spirituality is a colourless life. It is not. It has an altogether different colour scheme which cannot be perceived until that path is walked.

Vairagya (Dispassion) is the growth. When lust comes, the remedy is Dispassion. One of the best prescriptions of Dispassion is Adi Shankaracharya’s Bhaja Govindam. It’s a must study for all those who wish to master themselves.


One thought on “The Shield of Dispassion | Vibheeshana Gita

  1. Vikas

    That what I love the most is the worst in the world
    Extinguished the vast years of life desiring that petty thing which in reality is the worst
    Inflated with vanity on having the opportunity to get hands on it,
    Looking Closely finding it to be worse even than the garbage
    Hoping happiness by getting her, analyzing what I get? What I see is the body without covering,
    Hoping for best, getting the worst is the cause of my misery .
    Bodily machinery is what she is.
    I am amazed without given any thought for her machine, I chased with blind love.
    How to derive happiness from that which gives foul water and foul matter from front and back?
    How to admire and be fond of that soft bag filled with pus,blood,muscles,bones and excreta?
    How to feel great by posseing that soft box which we like to touch?
    Soft skin which is just the product and the covering of inner disgusting machinery,why it feels good to touch it?
    Being excited to see a youthful skin, now being disgusted to look just beneath the skin, finding peace in truth,mind is now at rest carefree like a infant.
    Readily analyzing what looks good to eyes is nothing but a shit manufacturer and a shit container,mind is at rest with no problem of attraction.

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