Immense Strength – Intellect | Vibheeshana Gita

– Understandings from Swami Swaroopanandaji’s talk for Youth Empowerment Programme – 6th batch

Ees bhajanu saarathi sujaana
Birati charm santosh kripaana
Daan parasu budhi sakti prachanda
Bar bigyaana kathina kodanda

Intellect is Immense Strength

‘Strength is Life. Weakness is Death’ – Swami Vivekananda

The strong always has victory over the weak. This is the law of nature. We can see this rule in the jungle, in countries at war, corporate world, sports, and everywhere in the world. The weak always perish. We need to make ourselves very strong inorder to ensure that nobody can win over us.

Some people try to show off their strength by overpowering the weak. That is not real strength; in fact that is portraying one’s inferiority complex as a superiority complex. One should equip oneself with strength so that no one dares to attack him. This strength definitely does not mean physical strength because if it were so, then an elephant won’t have been tamed and ruled by man. Mental strength is required for withstanding a difficult situation or taking courageous decisions (Souraj and Dhiraj). Strength in this context means Intellectual Strength. Unless one is intellectually strong, he cannot excel. Had Rama possessed only Courage without the knowledge of using weapons or strategizing the war, could he have defeated the mighty Ravana? In our life, we should equip ourself with all the knowledge that we can gather. Knowledge is food for Intellect. One needs to keep himself updated of the current happenings around him. A businessman should know the market trends, market needs, tastes of the consumers, etc so that he can be a successful businessman. If we look at the CEOs of top companies, we can see that they will be very good in Sales, Finance, Taxation, Law, Administration and in every other field pertaining to their business. They might not have learnt all these in their college education but they would study those subjects so that nobody can cheat them.

One of the greatest intellectual economists India has ever produced is Chanakya. His work, ‘Arthashastra’, is being taught in Management schools even today. He clearly explain how intellectual and shrewd a ruler should be. Shrewdness is not cunningness. Lord Rama possessed all noble qualities like Compassion, Humility, Restpect & Love for others, yet even the Devas in Heaven would not dare to fight against him. Ravana was advised by his own people – Vibheeshana, Kumbhakarna (both brothers), Maarech (uncle), Mandodari (wife), etc to let Sita go and that getting into a battle with Rama would only lead to Self-destruction. Thus, Rama’s strength was shown in his personality even though he displayed soft characters outside.

Intellect is the faculty of man which has made him the crown of all creation. The way he uses this faculty determines his evolution into Divinity or fall into Animalism.


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