Swami Chinmayananda once said, “In the West, genius men are accidents. But in the East, we knew how to manufacture genius people.”

Every great country has their own fields in which they show their greatness to the world. For India, it has been Spirituality that has earned her the top position since the beginning. The whole world has turned towards India for spirituality. Many countries of the west, after having prospered materially, found that the material success could not give happiness to its people. All the money, comforts and luxuries could not bring in family harmony, a good value system in the society or an ideal way of life to be led. They could not find answers questions like ‘What is the purpose of my life’, ‘Who am I?’, ‘Why is man unhappy?’, ‘Who created the Universe?’ etc. At such a point, when a major part of their lives passed, those people turned towards India for attaining that peace, serenity and answers to their questions.

India has never been a materially successful nation because our ancestors knew that material success is not something which can give them everlasting happiness. The ancient Rishis, the subjective scientists, in their laboratories of the caves of the Himalayas, discovered that to attain maximum happiness for maximum number of times, one needs to understand oneself before trying to understand the world. From the depths of their realizations, they proclaimed to the world that science of the Self (subjective science) can give guaranteed happiness in all walks of life. They wrote their realizations which form the Vedas. Vedas is a sum total of material sciences and subjective science (Self-Knowledge). In the last part of the Vedas, there comes Upanishads, which carry the most important aspect of the knowledge treasure. The Upanishads are written in story form which carries a deep essence within it. The story form gives it a sugar coating so that the moral goes inside smoothly.

The Vedas and Upanishads, as we all know, are written in Sanskrit. Long long ago, this knowledge was available to one and all because Sanskrit was commonly used everywhere in India. But after a lot of foreign invasions and a change in the educational system brought about by the British, the use of Sanskrit language declined thus taking people far away from this great knowledge – Knowledge about our Self!

Today, majority of us don’t even know what the Upanishads contain and how it is useful for the common man. The challenge that it is in Sanskrit adds to the difficulty. However, great saints like Swami Chinmayananda, wrote commentaries on these Upanishads in the language of the modern man – English; so that we can have easy access to it. And now, to make it freely accessible, Chinmaya Mission has brought about the stories which carry the essence of the Upanishads in the form of a tele-serial called Upanishad Ganga which is being telecasted since March 11th 2012, on DD National Channel (DD-1) every Sunday from 10 – 10:30 am (IST). That’s not all. To those who reside outside India and do not have access to Indian TV channels, it can be streamed online at the same time on the link http://zengatv.com/home.zenga

The language used is Hindi so that majority can understand. It’s old, yet new. It’s meant for you. This is not just a catchy caption but is the Truth. This serial is a golden opportunity for all of us to get a peep into the Upanishads free of cost, without any effort, relaxing on our easy chairs every Sunday morning. Let us make use of this golden opportunity to try and understand how India could produce so many great scientists, mathematicians, thinkers, spiritual masters, artists throughout history. Let us try to find out, why is India truly great.

In the following posts in this series, we shall see the essence of every episode in a nut-shell so that we can fall back on them whenever required.


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