The Teacher Who Taught Us To Think

This book ‘The Teacher Who Taught Us To Think’ is about the teaching techniques adopted by our math teacher, Raman Sir, who taught us how to think. This is an insight to his teaching technique knowing the fact that what he gave us and how he gave are beyond words to describe.

The book carries the teachings adopted by him, who, with his unique style could bring out the best in mathematics in his students. Very rarely do we come across such teachers who train ordinary students to become extra-ordinary.
This book is designed to act as a guide to teachers and parents to mold young minds. I believe that many lives would change if at least a few get inspired and bring about betterment in their ways of teaching (at home and in schools) after reading it.

The book is written in a narrative style in about 11,000 words split into 16 chapters. A few sketches will be added, each sketch summarizing the essence of the chapter, in the book. Even though the book is about teaching techniques in Math, it focuses on the ‘way of teaching’ more than the subject Math.

The book has been recommended by the Chinmaya Vidyalaya Education Cell as a must-read to all Chinmaya Vidyalaya teachers.

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A few reviews about the book:

* An awesome book written very sweetly… felt like I’m reading one of R K Laxman’s books wherein your everyday life is described very beautifully and touchingly … Every student, teacher, parent, kid should read this book.. It has brought in a very fresh view of teacher-student relationship… An inspiration to both teachers and students to never give up! Hats off to Vinay for this awesome achievement! looking forward to more books from you
– Deepa Vishal, Mumbai, Raman Sir’s student

* Beginning like an innocent tale out of R.K Narayan’s ‘Swami and Friends’, Vinay’s ‘The Teacher who Taught Us to Think’ flows like a laden river, picking up mass and substance. In the process, the reader is treated to nuances of Raman Sir’s character and the tender unfolding of a pure learner- teacher relationship.
I received the book on Teacher’s Day; and ever since, I’ve been reading a chapter a day over my morning coffee, relishing every line, thought and reflection in it and enjoying the story. More importantly, the book has grown on me: every day, the learning from the book has come through me in my role as a teacher. I can’t thank you enough for this!
– Nishith Anand, Professor in Chinmaya Institute of Technology, Kannur, Kerala

* Must say, a true tribute and a real masterpience
– Sreekumar Menon, Manager – Reliance Capital, Mumbai, Raman Sir’s student

* Excellent book. Simple, lucid words and purity of thoughts have flown through your pen. A true gurudakshina.
– Anand Subramanian, Head of A’s Academy, Mumbai

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