Understanding Mathematics


In schools, we see that many teachers and students try to focus on learning a lot of rules and formulae in mathematics without even trying to understand the ‘reasoning’ behind it. Since they manage to score good marks when they learn like this, they don’t see anything wrong in this way of learning. That is because, neither these students nor most of the school teachers are aware of the perils of this type of learning. Let me just try to explain it with an example.

Suppose there is a question on writing a given set of numbers in ascending/descending order. The kind of numbers they get in school for such a question are: 1/5, 3/7, -2/3, etc…which can be easily done by the way of finding LCM. Probably, the focus in school is to learn the ‘method’ of comparing fractions using LCM. But what if you get some different numbers…

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