Instructions for Online Sanskrit Class

Dear Reader,

This category of my blog will feature articles for pre-reading before we begin the online Sanskrit learning class every Saturday and Sunday 7:15 – 9:00 pm IST (2:00 – 3:00 pm GMT) starting 12th July 2014 for 8 weeks.

Objective of the sessions: Understanding Sanskrit language’s basic structure and rules for Sandhis (joining and breaking words) so that we can study texts like Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Upanishads, etc or any text on Science/Maths in a better way.

The classes will be conducted in a virtual classroom (see screenshot below). A link will be sent through email which will enable the student to enter the virtual classroom. The link will ask the user to register on or log in through their facebook account. You can choose either of the options. direct the participant to another screen where a green button will appear which reads ‘LAUNCH CLASS’. Click there and it will ask to enter a Screen Name. The participant will have to type his name in the box and you’ll be directed to the Virtual Classroom. Once the participant enters the virtual classroom, they will be able to see is being written on the screen, hear the my voice and use text chat.

Throughout the session, I’ll be speaking and writing on the board. The participants can respond through the chat text box. At the end of the session the doubts can be clarified, if any.

The best thing about the Online class through a virtual classroom is that the whole session gets recorded (both audio and whatever is written on the screen) and can be viewed any number of times for one year by visiting the same link which I’ll be sending to log in to the class.

Requirement at the participant’s end:
– Computer / Laptop / Tablet
– Good internet connection
– Headset or Microphone and Speakers (and not cell phone headsets)
– Flashplayer (software)
– Mac and iPad users might have to download Devanagari fonts from
Webcam is not required.

Those interested can register online on the link

Note: The sessions are not certified courses but just sharing of lessons learnt from Prof. V.N.Jha in Learning Sanskrit Language and Structure (Level – 1) – a two weeks residential camp at Chinmaya International Foundation.
There is no fee for these online discussions.

virtual classroom
Screenshot of a Virtual Classroom


7 thoughts on “Instructions for Online Sanskrit Class

    1. Yes Nagarajan. It is better to download the WizIQ App and create an account in WizIQ. After that you can paste the class link in it and join the class. Or else, if the the browser doesn’t have the necessary plugins, it might not open.

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