Note #3 US Diaries 2017 

US Diaries

Note #3 Going to school

With a lot of excitement and butterflies in my stomach, I left our apartment with the boys for the first day of the PACT course. As I was heading to the Computer Science department, lot of thoughts passed through my mind. I was reminded of my school days being an average student. I was also reminded of my college days (where my friends know what all things I did. Don’t want to make it public). I was reminded of my beloved teacher Raman Sir who instilled the love for Mathematics in me. I was reminded of my friends who encouraged to study more and supported me, especially Hariharan Iyer. I was reminded of my teachers who taught me, my family back home. I was reminded of so many things and most of all, how unlikely it was for a person like me (while I was a student) to get a chance to attend a course in Princeton. But I did get a chance and could make use of it. I went with all these things in my head and sat in the classroom of a strength of about 80 students. It was a great feeling to be there which I cannot express. So, I will not make an attempt to do so. However, I just thought that I will share this because I feel that when we yearn to learn, then opportunities come to us which would never otherwise have. 


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