Note #7 US Diaries 2017 

US Diaries 2017 

Note #7:

 28th and 29th June 2017 – Morning walks
The earlier day, Dr. Gandhi encouraged (rather pushed) us to explore the campus as we hadn’t done much except for the usual routes. So we thought of taking a walk in the campus in the morning. 
Unlike in India, we wake up automatically pretty early in the mornings here. Sundar wakes up around 3:30 in the morning, followed by me around 4, followed by others. We were ready by 5 for a walk. We set out all excited on the road to the Carnegie Rowing Club. It was a beautiful walk by the woods on the lonely roads where we had squirrels and birds as our companions. We walked for about 15 minutes and reached a bridge over a lake. It was a pretty sight to watch thick groove of trees on either side of the river and the sun rising in the background. There was a group of people who were getting into the rowing boats. We went inside the club to find nobody (staff) over there and there were lot of big rowing boats which would require about 8 people to lift each one of them. We figured out from one of the persons who were about to go rowing that all the details about the club and rowing was put up on their website. We checked out the place for a few minutes, took a couple of snaps with a Harley Davidson bike that was parked inside, and came out. Ojas observed that the door arch was of the shape of a paddle. How artistic! 
We walked back to our apartment after a nice walk of about 45 minutes in 14°C. What was interesting (for me) to see was that so many college students (needless to say, both boys and girls. More of girls in fact) were up for jogging. I loved how much they gave importance for fitness. 
On the next day we were a bit more late to leave for the morning walk. We decided to take a different route. Ojas suggested one down the Harrison Street and we followed the road. After a few meters, we saw a natural road leading into the woods. I knew that it would take us to some beautiful places. We took that and we were greeted by a flock of ducks who were trying to figure out where these people who were staring at them and speaking in strange accents, a danger to them or not. They were a bit shy, but didn’t run away while we walked past them. 
Soon we saw a small trail to our right written – ‘Nature Trail’. We took it and we found ourselves amidst thick trees that would prevent most of the sunlight hit the ground and river flowing from our right side. The trail went winding and got more interesting. There were some cobwebs that indicated that the trail was not frequented by people. People preferred another route to jog. And both these routes were meant for jogging. People used the other road for jogging as it was wider. In fact, our path had a river on one side and another stream passing through our left. So technically, we were walking in between two small water bodies. It was very cold in the morning but we hardly realized it as we got lost amidst the beauty of nature. We walked for about an hour and came back to our apartment.
The morning walks filled us up with a lot of energy, excitement and enthusiasm for the day ahead. 


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