Note #15 US Diaries 2017 

The last walk in Princeton 
It’s hard to believe that 5 weeks passed after we have come here to Princeton. Today as I was going to the class, I was trying to recollect the thoughts I had on the first day as I was walking to the class from our apartment. We were figuring out how to cross the roads, getting used to the right side driving, gazing at beautiful cars and houses, getting excited when we would watch a deer or a rabbit, and a bit anxious and eager to attend a class in the Computer Science department. Soon we got used to it and Princeton became our home. We got used to the daylight till late evening. The heavy breakfast of idli, Poha and other stuff that we would have back in India was replaced by milk and bread. Walking for anything less than two miles looked trivial. The silence of the place sunk in to our hearts and nature at its best welcoming us. Along with all the beautiful things, we completed an excellent 5-week course which I am sure would change the course of the life of many a students who attended it. 
The walk on the last day from the classroom to the apartment was a different feeling. Will miss you Princeton. 


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