Rain rain go away…

“Rain rain go away

Come again another day

Little Johnny wants to play

Rain rain go away.”

It’s been raining continuously since three months. The craters formed in the roads gives a picture of the moon that NASA had clicked. Every day I hear people grumbling and cursing the rain, shopkeepers complaining of low sales, people finding it difficult to travel. I get into the local train or any public place; the usual conversations are about the inconvenience caused by the downpour. It was when I started thinking that everybody’s unhappy, that I got an SMS from my uncle expressing joy about his Pharma Company hitting the highest sales this month. And I thought, at least somebody’s happy! I had to go to the doctor the other day and he also looked happy, and so did the chemist. Apart from such few, no one else seems to be happy about the rains.

However, I don’t see the trees, insects, birds & animals unhappy. They seem to be in perfect harmony with the nature. I can see birds enjoying in the rain, and not flying away searching for shade. When there are heavy winds the trees sway in delight; and when there is no wind they stand still as if in bliss or lost in trance. The cuckoos sing in their same melody, the butterflies fly with same joy in any season. I see every creature happy and contented, except for man.

Our life has literally become like the child’s nursery rhyme – “Rain rain go away, Come again another day”. Why?? Why should the rains go away just because Little Johnny wants to play? We want rains but only when we desire. We don’t want rains while we are going out. We expect the nature to change as per ‘our’ demand or to be more precise – My demand.

Isn’t ‘this’ demand for other things & beings to change, according to our desires, the cause of our sorrow? Birds don’t get enough water during summer but they are contented with what they have. Stray animals don’t get much food during the rains; still they don’t mind sleeping without a meal. Be it summer, monsoon or winter, all other creatures live merrily. They happily accept things which they cannot change.

There is so much to learn from nature. Lessons to be happy! Lessons to be free!