The formula for Online Success

The formula for Online Success

– Susan Sweeney, at Entrepreneurial Summit 2014, IIT Bombay

Susan Sweeney is a world famous Internet Marketing Speaker and author of eight books on Internet Marketing. Below are some points I had jotted down during her talk at Entrepreneurial Summit 2014 held at IIT Bombay on 1st & 2nd Feb. 2014.



The formula for online success is – E-business model + Web presence + Traffic.

E-business model:

1) Process for online buying should be simple.

2) Ways to do more business:

I) Get more visitors to the website

II) Improve your conversion rate

III) Sell more to each customer by giving combo packages, discounts, membership, discounts for suggesting friends, showing some items that the customer might be interested in buying depending on the products he has already put in cart, etc.

IV) Leverage each sale with viral marketing. E.g. If it’s a website on tour agents, then can give volume discounts for 4 persons registering together, more discounts for 10 persons registering together, etc. Everyone would love taking a friend and when they get a discount for that then they would definitely suggest it to their friends.

3) Sell the same things at different portals. If the USP of another site is more, your product gets more chance of getting sold.

4) Have ‘share’, ‘tell your friend’ etc. on your page. And share icons for twitter, facebook, google plus, etc should be there on the top-right corner of your website and preferably on every page. Many websites have it at the bottom of the page. A person visiting the website may not even scroll down to the bottom of the page and thus you might lose opportunities for getting the website shared. This will increase the percentage sales.

5) Have an app for selling on facebook which will enable the customer to buy from facebook itself without going back to the website. Many people have the link of the website on facebook and the customer clicks it but has to go back to the website for buying.


Web presence: A website is the face of the company. A good graphic design and consistent branding through website, blog, YouTube, slide share, twitter is very important.

1) Graphic design: You don’t get a second chance for making the first impression.

2) Search Engine Optimization formula: Keyword points + Link points + Miscellaneous points. Make sure that you flood your content on the internet in all possible means – facebook, twitter, linked in, my space, slide share, reddit, google plus, blogs, etc.

3) Repeat traffic: Videos, Contests, Special deals, Packages, Discounts, etc for every month or week. You can write ‘this month’s package’. This will take the message to the viewer that there will be something else coming up next month. Thus, repeat traffic.

4) Permission Marketing: more important than ever. Make the viewer enter their details at some part of your website (like enrolling for membership, offers, etc) so that you get their first name and other details. Use a mail list software from which your bulk emails can be sent with a personalized email saying…’dear (first name)’ instead of a normal bulk message saying ‘hi friend’, or dear member, etc. Give the viewer some incentive for registering online with the details. Have this option for registration on the top of every page. Check for ‘spam score’ (it’s an option in outlook emails I guess) before sending your email. If the spam score is more than five, then redraft your email. Depending on the number of exclamation marks, bold and caps, the spam score goes high. Avoid such things in your email. Put wordings like ‘Join the eclub Today’ or ‘Register Today’.

5) Viral Marketing: Update in websites, blogs, social media, you tube, have ‘share this’. Have a ‘share this’ with all social media links on the left side of the page that scrolls up and down as the viewer scrolls through the page.

6) Great Content:

I) Have interactive content

II) ibrochures (interactive brochures) can be made through

III) Unique content

IV) Wow factor

V) Pinnable Content – ‘Pin it’ option

VI) Have a ‘Like our page’ on every page of the website.



SEO, Facebook posts, Facebook ads, Twitter links, You tube videos, Pinterest links, Ezine articles, Blog posts – yours as well as others (give ‘relevant tags’ and not too many tags), Newsletters, ezine, eblast, Have a signature file, Links, Affiliate marketing, OTA site, Apps, Podcast, Interactive map, Podcast location based deal, Augmented reality, Offline marketing, kiosk, advertisements.

Facebook keys for success

I. Set up Apps and SEO

II. Grow your fans

III. Content 1-2 posts per day will engage 40% more engagement

IV. Engage shareable content – photos, videos, contests.

V. No fans – no business