Vedic Mathematics Course

Now learn Vedic Mathematics from your home!

Chinmaya International Foundation has come out with its new Home Study Course – VEDIC MATHEMATICS COURSE.

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VM Course

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* Why do students find Maths so hard?

* Have you wondered what’s so unique about Vedic Maths?

* Have you wondered what Ancient Indian Mathematicians like Bhaskaracharya, Brahmagupta, etc discovered?

Get answers to all your questions in the below camp.

Chinmaya International Foundation & School of Vedic Maths are happy to present the third National Annual Residential Camp – VEDIC MATHRIX – Origins, a camp aimed to improve computation techniques & productive thinking.

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VEDIC MAThRIX | a camp for easy computation – April 2011

‘Chinmaya International Foundation’ and ‘School of Vedic Maths’ jointly organized a 7-day residential camp ‘Vedic Mathrix’ for children between 12 – 21 years of age from 16th – 22nd April at CIF. 35 students from different part of India and a 12-year old boy from Egypt participated in the camp. The two faculties of the camp were Shri Vinay Nair, Director of School of Vedic Maths, and Shri S. Haridas, a renowned Vedic Mathematician.
The children enjoyed discovering various laws in Mathematics through the Sutras mentioned in Vedic Mathematics. In 7 days’ classroom sessions, topics like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Squaring, Cubing or Numbers and Polynomials, various Geometrical Concepts and much more were covered. The children were fascinated to learn the relation between Arithmetic and Algebra. Apart from classroom sessions, there were outdoor & indoor games, group discussions, inspirational movie screenings and bhajans. The varied activities and sessions made the camp livelier and also enabled the children to absorb the lessons covered in classroom session which came to almost 5 hours every day. On the last day of the camp, the Egyptian parent, Ms. Saffa, appreciated about CIF’s initiative in conducting such programs for preserving and spreading the knowledge of the scriptures to the whole world. The camp empowered the children by boosting their confidence and attitude towards Mathematics. The students gave their feedback and suggestions as to how the knowledge of Vedic Maths can be spread out to the world and how they could contribute in this noble thing. The camp turned out to be not just a success but an inspiration for all.

VEDIC MAthTRIX a Residential Camp at CIF Nov – Dec 2010

Chinmaya International Foundation and School of Vedic Maths organized a 5 day residential academic camp ‘Vedic Mathtrix’, a course based on Vedic Mathematics for easy computation, from 28th Nov – 2nd Dec 2010 at Chinmaya International Foundation. The camp was conducted by Shri Vinay Nair who heads School of Vedic Maths. The camp attendees’ age ranged from 17 – 70 years and included college & CA students, working professionals, teachers & professors. Apart from topics that help to improve numerical abilities, emphasis was given on how to ‘discover’ new techniques of calculations & solving problems on our own, and what was the use of Vedic Mathematics, to people belonging to any age group, in today’s world of competitiveness. Besides classroom sessions, there were outdoor and indoor games, puzzles, documentaries, movie screening, etc. After having learnt the applications of Vedic Maths, the campers said that their entire life would have changed had they learnt this subject during their school days where they had to face so many ‘problems’ in Mathematics. By the end of the camp, their approach towards Mathematics was totally changed. Many were inspired by the subject and came forward to take up the task of spreading the awareness & usefulness of this wonderful subject. The campers also had the privilege to attended a couple of sessions by Shri. S Haridas, an eminent Vedic Mathematician who conducts classes in India and abroad. The tranquility and sereneness of Adi Sankara Nilayam had a great impact on the campers.