Subhashitam – Durjanah Sajjano Bhooyaat

सुभाषितम् – १

दुर्जन: सज्जनो भूयात्
सज्जन: शान्तिमाप्नुयात् |
शान्तो मुच्येत बन्धेभ्यो
मुक्तश्चान्यान् विमोचयेत् ||

durjanah sajjano bhūyāt
sajjanah śāntimāpnuyāt
śānto mucyeta bandhebhyo
muktaścānyān vimocayet

This is a Subhashitam written in Anushtubh metre. It means, let the wicked become good. Let the good attain peace. Let those who have attained peace become detached from all bondage. And those who have got detached help others get detached.

I fell in love with this prayer the moment I heard it. It shows the culture that existed in our country Bharat, where the great people had compassion even for the wicked.

The last line मुक्तश्चान्यान् विमोचयेत् is a wakeup call which means, man forgets that he is the Self that enlivens the entire universe and continues to live in the delusion that he is the body. So, Wake up and Awaken others!

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5 thoughts on “Subhashitam – Durjanah Sajjano Bhooyaat

  1. I am at the ground level. The Temple is on the hill-top. But there are steps to reach the top. Similarly from my present wickedness I can reach the pinnacle of self-perfection. And the Subhashitam here, lays down different steps to be ascended in suggested sequence to reach with ease, the Top. Thereafter, it is also suggested that having reached there is not for camping there but get the vision of Reality and come down to guide those who are still struggling on the lower rungs on the ladder of evolution, to reach them to the top. The Subhashitam thus helps gear up the thoughts to bounce up !
    Thank you Vinay for sharing.

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